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Young Yu Tae Kwon Do is dedicated to preserving the traditional ideals of discipline, self defense, bravery, confidence, courage, honor, patience, respect, personal growth and much more.

If your child or children lack self-control, good grades, respect, courage and self-esteem, they need to be here in our classes. They will meet new friends, learn how to protect themselves and especially learn respect for their parents, teachers and themselves. You will see a change in grades, attitude and respect.

No matter what level you or your child are at, we will find the perfect program for you!

What you can anticipate in our classes

Students in our program develop skills that last a lifetime, from leading a class and helping new students to overcome challenges in the classroom. Our programs designed to teach kids the lessons of hard work, leadership, and perseverance.

Our training methods not only challenge students physically, but also teach a mental discipline meant to strengthen the spirit and mind.

Tae Kwon Do has four disciplines: 
  • Forms 
  • Sparring 
  • Self-defense 
  • Break Test

It is the combination of these four disciplines that make the art of Tae Kwon Do!

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